First Frost

It’s been awhile!  Camera broke …. time to research and get another one.  Done!

The front lawn is full of pumpkins.  Well, at least as many as I thought would look good.  The first frost and this little white pumpkin has its first frost markings.  My hardest choice is color or the black and white … so put both in. 

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Monarch Moment

These beautiful butterflies are everywhere!

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Sandy Feet

Only thing to say …. as the temperature dips to the 40s here …. I think about my feet in the warm sand.

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Red Mill

A trip to Clinton’s Red Mill and town sounds like a wonderful fall adventure.  My BFF and I traveled up there in the fall a few years ago.  It was to date, I think, our best fall get away.  A coffee on the patio looking over the river … is so calling my name!

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Proud Phella

This very proud peacock strutted his stuff for us forever!  I’ve never heard the fabulous rustle of their feathers before.  He would put his feathers down, kind of rev up, lift them up and rustle them.  It was beautiful …. no wonder he is so proud!!

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Sibling Swim

Brian and Steph doing what they love.  In the water!  And having a good time together.

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Koala Kutie

This beautiful Koala lives at the San Diego Zoo.  We were on vacation in California …. had a wonderful time.  And enjoyed the zoo SO much.

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A Rose

A Rose between two thorns … in the Arches of Longwood Gardens.

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Last week was my first visit to Longwood Gardens.  What an extraordinary place!  These beauties were in the lily ponds.  They are called Water Platters.  They are huge and the most fantastic plants.

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This little cutie is Breyonna.  She has the most beautiful eyes and personality.  I don’t get a chance to see her that often but when I do there is always a smile on that face.

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